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In Perspective: Deconstruction – A Gospel Conversation

Our panelists addressed the assumptions, pitfalls, and opportunities existing within the concept of “deconstruction.” We asked: What is the impact of deconstruction and should the Church be concerned? How do Jesus’ words and actions shed light on what it means to confront the social constructs of religion? How can followers of Jesus come alongside those who seek to address…

In Perspective Event Recording – The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Why is emotional intelligence important for effective leadership? How does self-understanding impact team relationships and work outcomes? What tools are available to leaders to cultivate healthy teams? What does the Bible have to say about living and leading in emotionally healthy ways? The world has never more deeply needed emotionally healthy and intelligent leaders. In…

In Perspective – How Did We Get to this Point? The Historical Roots of the Current State of Evangelicalism

In this panel, we address how we can accurately assess our Evangelicalism roots and what needs to change to redefine a movement in crisis. Our history shapes us. Yet, many of us do not know that history. As a result, we cannot accurately assess where we are and what we need to change in order…

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Panel: In Perspective – Why the Bible Matters

Our panel addresses the decline in the Bible’s perceived relevance in modern society and why it matters now more than ever to each and every one of us and the communities we represent. We will also consider how we can help others see the importance and relevance of the Bible in their lives….