Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing

Denver Seminary allows up to 12 hours of credit towards an MA (6 towards MA-COMH) and up to 19 hours of credit towards an MDiv program, regardless of the way it is earned (no advanced standing is available for certificate or non-degree students). Advanced standing credit, which reduces the number of hours needed to complete a degree, may be earned in either or both of the following methods.

Pass a proficiency exam in a particular subject matter. Exams are offered in the following courses:

  • CH 500 History of the Christian Movement (3 hours)
  • NT 501, NT 502 New Testament Greek I and II (6 hours)
  • NT 511 Gospels and Acts (3 hours)
  • NT 512 Epistles and Revelation (3 hours)
  • OT 501, OT 502 Hebrew I and II (6 hours)
  • OT 511 Israel's Early History and Poetry (3 hours)
  • OT 512 Kingdom of Israel and Prophets (3 hours)
  • TH 501 Survey of Christian Doctrine I (3 hours)
  • TH 502 Survey of Christian Doctrine II (3 hours)

Request an evaluation of your undergraduate transcript (usually with a major in Bible, theology, Christian Ministries, or related field).

Courses which are determined to be comparable to certain required courses at Denver Seminary may be applied to your Denver Seminary program—with credit. A syllabus is required for each course that is reviewed and an oral interview and/or course papers may be required in addition to a syllabus.

To qualify for an advanced standing transcript review, the following criteria must be met:

  • Must enroll at Denver Seminary within five years of college graduation.
  • A minimum cumulative undergraduate gpa of 3.25 with a minimum grade of B in each eligible course must be earned.
  • Courses under review cannot be more than ten years old.
  • There is a $75 fee that is charged for each course for which advanced standing is earned, whether it is by exam or by undergraduate transcript review. This fee is charged whether or not you decide to enroll at Denver Seminary
  • Credit for first year Greek and/or Hebrew can only be earned by exam, regardless of whether you had Greek or Hebrew grammar at the undergraduate level.
  • Any advanced standing you earn is removed from your
    transcript if you withdraw from Denver Seminary. If you decide to return at a later date,the program will not be available to you for a second time.
  • Regardless of whether you start taking classes as a non-degree or degree-seeking student, you must take all advanced standing exams or request an undergraduate transcript review before your second semester of enrollment. And, since advanced standing is only available to those in degree programs, if you begin as a nondegree or certificate student, you must be admitted to a degree program prior to your second semester of enrollment to take advantage of this program.
  • If you change from the MDiv program to an MA program after receiving advanced standing credit your credit will be reduced proportionately. If you change from an MA program to the MDiv program, you must make the change prior to your second semester of enrollment for your advanced standing hours to (possibly) be increased.
  • One New Testament, Old Testament, and theology course must be taken at Denver Seminary.
  • Advanced standing may not be earned in courses that are not required in your program.
  • If you are not eligible for advanced standing, or you are past your second semester of enrollment, you may still be eligible for a substitute elective approval. While no credit is given, a required course may be waived at the discretion of the department, and an elective substituted in its place.