Non-Degree Seeking Application Steps and Requirements

Non-Degree Seeking Application Steps and Requirements

Individuals attending Denver Seminary as a non-degree seeking student can take a limited number of credits. This is a great option if you’re not sure which degree you would like to do, would just like to take a handful of courses, or would like to improve your GPA before applying to a degree. If you decide to pursue a degree later, you will need to be accepted as a degree-seeking student.

1. Biographical Questionnaire

The biographical questionnaire only needs to be completed once and contains all the information we need for us to start an application for you. Once you hit submit, the admissions team will start compiling your application documents and a designated admissions counselor will stay in touch with you about what we still need from you. Choose “Master Non-Degree” for your program.

2. Transcripts

Master’s level applicants: You will need to submit transcripts from any institution where you’ve completed an undergraduate degree or higher. Undergraduate transcripts need to be “official”, meaning they have come to us directly from the institution. Master’s and doctorate transcripts may be sent to us directly by you or your institution. If you’re still in undergrad, we can use “partial transcripts” as placeholders during your application process with the understanding that you’ll send us the final, official versions after you graduate.

Master of Theology (ThM) and Doctor of Ministry applicants: You will need to submit transcripts from the institution where you completed your previous master’s degree. These transcripts need to be “official,” meaning they have been sent to us directly from the institution either electronically or by mail. We do not need undergraduate transcripts. 

Admissions Requirements

1. Previous education:
  • Master’s Level Classes: Baccalaureate degree or currently finishing one from an accredited institution.
  • Master of Theology Classes: Master of Divinity or its equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • Doctor of Ministry Classes: Master’s degree from an accredited institution.
2. Completion of the admissions application by the start of your desired start term.


3. Submission of $15 non-refundable application fee.

Non-degree seeking students may take up to 15 credits of graduate work.



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