Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses

Learn about the God of the Bible. Grow in your understanding of Scripture. Deepen your faith and desire to share the gospel.

Welcome to Denver Seminary’s catalog of free online courses.* These courses are designed for anyone who would like to join our learning community, whether you are new to the Christian faith and need resources to learn more or you are seeking to mature in your knowledge and relationship with God. You can begin a course at any time and complete it at your own pace. Browse the courses below to see what interests you and begin your learning with our Denver Seminary faculty today.

What's that Book About 
Understanding the Big Story of the Bible

with Dr. Mark Young, President of Denver Seminary



The Bible is ultimately a grand story told by God, but what does it say and what does that story mean for your life? From instruction by Dr. Mark Young, you’ll examine how the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, tells a cohesive and redemptive story. Not only will you learn about God’s story, you will discover the purpose and role you play in it. Along with weekly video lectures from Dr. Young, you will receive the downloadable audio and topical articles written by Denver Seminary faculty and alumni.

Unlocking the Parables of Jesus

with Dr. Craig Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament



Parables were commonly used in Jesus’s time, and Jesus used them frequently to illustrate profound truths. Dr. Craig Blomberg explores several approaches one can use to unpack and understand the parables. After an introduction to interpretive frameworks, Dr. Blomberg will then walk through over a dozen different parables, exploring their symbolic meaning and application to our daily lives.

*These courses are not intended for credit towards any Denver Seminary degree program.

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